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Aspen Tree Management have the experience and qualifications to cope with all felling needs. Using a range of fully-insured equipment and machinery, dead, dangerous or windblown trees are expertly and efficiently dealt with.

We can either fell sections of a tree using traditional rigging methods or, where necessary, by crane. We have successfully carried out over 100 crane dismantling operations.


Aspen Tree Management's tractor-mounted firewood processor and 13 ton splitter are available for hire with an operator on an hourly or daily basis.

The output is around one ton an hour, depending on the type of wood. For large quantities, we can arrange a six ton load of hard or softwood to be delivered to you and process the logs on site. This is a very cost effective operation.


Trees enhance and add value to your property, but they need looking after. Complicated biological structures are prone to stress, disease and failure. Aspen Tree Management make a thorough assessment and discusses with clients all implications and work requirements.

We take great pride in our work, pruning sympathetically to maintain a tree’s natural crown shape. Although this is a difficult technique, it is worth the effort and people appreciate the end result.

We have many years experience in crown raising, thinning and reduction techniques. Lightly reducing a crown by carefully removing longer branches during a thinning operation can reduce both the density and the overall size of the tree - without altering the shape.

Stump removal

Stumps and roots of any size can be ground-out, leaving land free from obstruction.

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